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Signs from Heaven is a loving testament of hope, understanding, and peace – and can help you on your journey of healing

Cecilia Izquierdo is a myeloma patient and author of the book Signs From Heaven, and she has written a very personal book which tells the story of her four-year-old son, Gerardo Raul Izquierdo, who drowned in the family swimming pool in 2005. But it is much more than a story of loss for Cecilia and her family - she wants to turn this into a positive outcome by helping people heal, and by donating any net proceeds from the sale of her book to the International Myeloma Foundation.

Her personal experience has given her a belief that God’s love will provide comfort in times of great pain and show itself in signs, symbols, and small miracles.

Cecilia, who had no prior relationship with God, felt His overwhelming presence while standing at her son’s bedside. This new-found relationship with God and a book on a near-death experience given to her by a stranger set Cecilia on a path of clarity, understanding, and – eventually – healing.

Cecilia believes that death is not the end of life; that it simply marks a change in our existence.

Cecilia believes that we exchange our earthly address for a heavenly one. And our loved ones can still communicate with us from their new home. We simply need to ask God to open us to the signs and symbols sent from heaven.

Cecilia’s awareness is a blessing and a gift that she shares through her book.

In her book, Cecilia talks about the many signs and symbols she has received and how she knows with certainty that Gerardo is still with her. She also discusses her ever-strengthening spirituality.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, Cecilia hopes that by reading her book, you will find comfort, encouragement, and peace on your healing journey. Not wanting to make a profit on her tragic loss, she has decided that all net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the International Myeloma Foundation. The paperback edition can be ordered through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and it can be downloaded to Kindle or Nook by clicking on one of the following links:

  Paperback (Barnes & Noble) | ESPANOL
  Nook | ESPANOL
  Paperback (Amazon) | ESPANOL
  Kindle | ESPANOL
Signs from Heaven is also available in Spanish.


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